I hate everything about this situation”
— Marty

Marzipan Lavender Sparkles, or as he prefers, Marty, is not your typical unicorn. He's done a few stints in jail (Hard Candy Castle) and has been to rehab multiple times for glitter related incidents. Glitter, for those that don't know, is a highly addictive, unicorn street drug. Marty has also been to anger management. He was given community service, for reduced jail time, to perform and do magic tricks!! Marty specializes in mind reading tricks, since his special unicorn powers enable him to know and see all! Marty often hangs out with his buddy, Craig, and enjoys the company of a ladycorn or two. Marty is also an ordained minister and has his own Instagram (check the bottom of the page)!

Also in this world is Lenny the lizard. Lenny is a lying kleptomaniac and is weaseling his way into Hannah's life by pretending to be a dragon named Grendel. He's got a resume and everything! 

Hannah and Marty have been working together since 2011. They perform around LA and are regularly at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank.

     Marzipan Lavender Sparkles  (Marty)

     Marzipan Lavender Sparkles (Marty)

                                 Lenny "Grendel"

                                 Lenny "Grendel"


Watch our Sept. 7th Gong Show performance!! We had such a great time!


(Left: clip from the 2017 Venthaven convention; above: clip from Flappers Comedy club in Burbank)