Hannah and Friends have performed at birthday parties, holiday parties, library summer reading programs, pet adoption events, entomological meetings, as tour guides, at summer camps, schools, blue and gold banquets, religious events, and more!

Not all characters are used in every show, but each has his/her own distinct personality! Whiskers the cat has been with Hannah the longest, and won't let anyone forget how special and amazing he is. In addition to Whiskers, there's Biscuits, the dog, who is very sweet but may not be the smartest cookie. Speaking of cookies, Cookie is a New York cockroach who is obsessed with cleaning, while still looking good, and Buzz is a useless male bee since you know, it's females that do all the work. Less frequently used characters include Beary, the bear, who knows a lot about certain things, and nothing about the rest, and Bagel, who is just trying not to get eaten.  Hannah is clearly great at coming up with names. 


Meet the Friends!